World Leading

Innovation and expertise in product development
to market specialising in hardware and automotive


We are where
you need to be.

Offices and warehouses in Auckland New Zealand,
Sydney & Melbourne Australia,
Guangdong and Zhejiang China



We know product life-cycle and manage projects
from conception through to completion


BNT Supplier of the Year 2018

Improve Product Development

Getting the quality right of your product development isn’t difficult but doing that consistently over decades is a real challenge.

This requires disciple, attention to detail and a dogged focus on achieving excellence in processes and the supply chain. To that end Fargo International only works with its family of long-term trusted manufacturers established over nearly two decades of international collaboration. Fargo International ONLY deal with manufacturers who then produce goods to our specifications and rigid controls.

Re-energise your brands

In order to stay relevant Fargo International continues to innovate, refreshing product design, introducing new innovative products and ways of doing things.

Fargo International adopts a pragmatic approach to design with an emphasis on improving your bottom line results.

You will liaise directly with the designer and not a middle person. They’re experienced creative business managers who will test your thinking and bring a wealth of ideas to the table.

Increase Sales

To meet today’s market demands you must deliver well presented, quality products at highly competitive prices.

There are few companies worldwide with Fargo International’s depth of product development expertise. Couple that with full integration on both the customer and supply side and you have a compelling value proposition for the management of your hardware and automotive categories. Fargo International understands product life-cycle and closely manages projects from conception through to completion. It continues to do so for some of the largest retailers and trade suppliers in Australia and New Zealand.

How we do our thing

Fargo International works in partnership with customers and suppliers to deliver innovative products to market specialising in hardware and automotive. We collaborate with customers in joint product development providing in depth market knowledge and consumer insight along with our customer’s own experience.

The company utilises a vast international network of best of breed manufactures that make private label products to our specifications.  Our modern factory in South Auckland is dedicated to delivering world leading, optimised liquid fill formulations with proven industry success.

Fargo International has offices and warehousing in Auckland and Pukekohe New Zealand, Sydney and Melbourne Australia, Northern Guangzhou, Guangdong and Zhejiang China.

Project Delivery

Each project starts from a strategic, knowledgeable base.

In-depth of analysis undertaken

Fargo engineers adopt an open and honest approach to their engagement that’s key to forming a successful collaboration with both customers and suppliers.

Security and Confidentiality

We operate from secure facilities with 24 hour video surveillance.

Trade secrets and brand protection is paramount

Systems and data are stored on secure backed up servers. Customer trade secrets along with the huge range of our own optimised formulations are contained and managed securely.

Supply Chain Management

Regular vetting of suppliers performance enables us to maintain peak performance.

You Can Count On Us

We are only as good as our suppliers, so we make sure they operate to the levels we do.

Manufacturing and Logistics

Fargo International follows stringent internal quality standards to ISO standards.

Premium quality is a given

Product traceability means we track quality issues to their source and rectify any issues before they reach our customers.