Fargo International works in partnership with customers and suppliers to deliver innovative products to market specialising in hardware and automotive. We collaborate with customers in joint product development providing in depth market knowledge and consumer insight along with customer’s own experience.

The company utilises a vast international network of best of breed manufactures that make private label products to our specifications.  Our modern factory in South Auckland is dedicated to delivering world leading, optimised liquid fill formulations with proven industry success.

It has offices and warehousing in Auckland and Pukekohe New Zealand, Sydney and Melbourne Australia, Northern Guangzhou, Guangdong and Zhejiang China.

Fargo International is all about providing high quality product solutions at economic pricing.

Fargo International can offer a one-stop shop from customer concepts through to design, sourcing, manufacturing, delivery and on-going sales support … being well integrated on the customer side.

Fargo Design is a separate design agency established to work in conjunction with the company and manage all types of product packaging, labelling, marketing information, web and TV advertising.

An in-house logistics team manages product sourcing and shipping world-wide and Fargo International works only with its family of long-term trusted manufacturers established over nearly two decades of international collaboration. These relationships are ‘values’ based with respect, integrity and excellence at their core. Before adding members to our group we undertake an exhaustive vetting process and only work with businesses with similar values to our own.

Premium quality is a given and Fargo International follows stringent internal quality standards to ISO standards. Product traceability means we track quality issues to their source and rectify any issues before they reach our customers.

The staff at Fargo International are highly trained and predominantly long-term employees that are trustworthy.

Security and confidentiality

Security and confidentiality of customer identity, their information, trade secrets and brand protection is paramount. Systems and data are stored on secure backed up servers. Customer trade secrets along with the huge range of our own optimised formulations are contained and managed securely. We operate from secure facilities with 24 hr video surveillance.

Fargo International started out as a family owned and operated distribution business in 1999. Since then it has invested heavily in establishing and protecting its own intellectually property.  As a result we manage products and brands for some of the largest retailers and trade suppliers in Australia and New Zealand.